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5 Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

5 Most Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Many people nowadays are interested in discovering more about the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available to improve their smile. It is essential to visit a dentist regularly to take care of any necessary dental work that must be done to ensure a patient’s oral health is in good condition. Aside from these regular check-ups, […]

7 Ways to Fix A Broken Tooth

7 Ways to Fix a Broken Tooth

Ways to Fix A Broken Tooth A broken tooth, also known as a tooth fracture, is a crack or a break in the tooth’s hard s hell or enamel. There are many ways to fix a broken tooth, and a dentist can diagnose a broken tooth through clinical examination and radiography (X-rays). A broken tooth […]

Does your jaw pain on one side?

Does Your Jaw Pain On One Side

Do you suffer from jaw pain on one side when you wake up or eat something? Maybe your jaw hurts on both sides or just one – right or left side. Whether at work, spending time with your family, or chilling with friends, nothing can be more irritating and worrisome than jaw pain, and it […]

Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth

When it comes to kick-starting the day, most people rely on a cup of coffee. But does coffee stain your teeth? Coffee lovers should know that their morning routine habit of having coffee can affect their dental health. Think, how bad is coffee for your teeth if it can stain your clothes? Coffee contains ingredients […]

Tooth Infection – Symptoms And Treatment

tooth infection symptoms and treatment

Tooth infection, also known as tooth abscess, is a collection of bacteria and pus that form inside the tooth or gum. Tooth infections can spread to other body areas without proper treatment, leading to serious and potentially life-threatening complications. Keep reading to learn how to treat and prevent tooth infections. What Causes a Tooth Infection? […]

What to Do After Tooth Extraction?

What to Do Tooth Extraction

Most people are unaware of how tooth extraction feels and what to do after tooth extraction? Well, tooth extraction, also known as tooth removal, is one of the most common procedures for adults. Whenever possible, healthcare providers prefer to save natural teeth using restorative methods like dental fillings or dental crowns. But in some cases, […]

When Should You Consider Getting a Tooth Filling?

tooth filling

Most people cringe at having their teeth drilled at the dentist’s office, but there are many important reasons why you shouldn’t avoid getting a tooth filling. If your tooth is decayed or damaged, fillings can be the perfect solution to protect the healthy area of the tooth to help you maintain long-term dental health. Read […]

Tooth Crown Pain: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Tooth Crown Pain

Even though tooth crowns are designed to protect a damaged tooth, they can still become infected, just like normal teeth causing pain. However, a follow-up treatment from your dentist can easily alleviate this uncomfortable tooth crown pain. What is a Tooth Crown? Your dentist places a cap known as a tooth crown over your tooth […]

Is It Worth Getting a Tooth Crown?

Dental Crowns

Yes, a tooth crown is worth the cost, depending on why you require it. When you have severely damaged or worn-out teeth, they can be strengthened using tooth crowns. Before going to the cosmetic dentistry services near you, here is everything you need to know about tooth crowns. What are Tooth Crowns? Tooth crowns are […]

Same-Day Dental Crowns

If you’re looking for natural-looking crowns that also feel amazing, then the best option for you is to check out same-day dental crowns at Brooklyn Blvd Dental. Unlike traditional crowns, which can take up to two weeks to be made, all-ceramic CEREC crowns, better known as same-day dental crowns, are crafted from a single block […]