Gentle Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist send shivers down your spine? Do you get cold feet each time you feel the slightest ache in your tooth? You’re not alone. Being afraid of the dentist isn’t something that only children suffer from. Many adults also have a fear of dental visits and dentists in general. And to counteract this particular issue, most dentists practice gentle dentistry. To know more check the given blog

Gentle Dentistry in Brooklyn, MN

Understanding Gentle Dentistry

Gentle dentistry is the practice adopted by dentists where they provide quality dental care while making patient comfort a top priority. As the name suggests, the approach to treatment is as gentle as possible.

Almost all dentists aim to provide good oral care to their patients. Patient satisfaction plays a huge role in how much a dental practice thrives. Dentists offering gentle dentistry usually adapt their approach according to their expertise and patients.

There are usually four key areas around which a dentist builds their approach –
  • Skill level
  • Investment in new technologies
  • The techniques used
  • The overall customer experience
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Gentle Dentistry To Tackle Dental Phobia

If the thought of visiting a dentist scares you, you aren’t the only one. Research shows that about 36 percent of people are terrified of dentists. Furthermore, 12 percent of people have a fear so extreme that they will avoid the dentist at all costs.

This fear is formally known as “dental phobia.” People with the phobia undergo extreme fear before their scheduled dental appointment. In addition, they might also feel physically ill, have trouble breathing, and be incredibly nervous.

The distress might occur due to previous dental experiences. Dental procedures that cause pain or discomfort can develop into a negative view of dentists.

Why Brooklyn Boulevard Dental’s Gentle Dentistry Is Good For You

Brooklyn Boulevard Dental, MN, takes immense pride in providing comfortable and effective dental care. Here are some ways in which our dental team focuses on gentle dentistry.

Our Dentists Are Constantly Upgrading Their Skills

Our in-house dental experts – Doctors Kotonias, Spanish, and Tu – have many years of experience in the dental field. Furthermore, they believe in continuing dental education, allowing them to stay up-to-date with developments in dentistry.

Our Offices Are Fitted With State-Of-the-Art Infrastructure

Patient comfort and seamless procedures are the norms at Brooklyn Boulevard Dental. Hence, our offices consist of state-of-the-art dental equipment. These assist our dentists in providing fast, efficient, and effective dental treatment without snags.

We Use Techniques That Make Patient Comfort The Topmost Priority

Our experts ensure you are comfortable before proceeding with the advised treatment. This is accomplished via numbing agents to keep you pain-free or sedatives to help you stay calm. Our dentists will also explain the different kinds of sedation we offer and help you decide which will work best for you.

There are several ways through which our dental team ensures that you feel like you are in a safe environment.
We Focus On Not Just The Treatment, But The Entire Patient Experience

At the Brooklyn Boulevard Dental Office, we strive to make patients comfortable from the first point of contact. Our gentle dentistry begins with the first phone call you make to our office.

Gentle Dentistry At Brooklyn Boulevard Dental, MN

The First Step

Our dental team will help you schedule an appointment with an expert of your choice at the time that works for you. We always try to accommodate patients based on their schedules. We understand that taking time off from your regular life can be challenging, and we try to make the booking process as easy as possible.

When You Visit
We try our best to avoid long waiting times whenever you visit our office, since this tends to alleviate dental anxiety. Our entire staff is exceptionally welcoming, and we try to make you feel at ease as soon as you step into our office.

Our dentists will sit down and have an in-depth conversation with you. They will understand your fears, concerns, and limitations. Our experts believe in open and honest conversation, which leads to positive dental experiences. Additionally, open communication helps create a bond of trust between patient and dentist.

Before they advise and begin any treatment, they explain how the procedure works and what to expect. This makes you aware of the process, keeping your mind at ease. Throughout the appointment, our dentist will constantly make sure you’re comfortable.
After The Appointment

Once the treatment (if any) is complete, our dentist will provide medication to help with any soreness you might feel once the numbness wears off. This helps keep unnecessary pain at bay. To schedule a sit down with our dentists and experience gentle dentistry with us, call us at (763) 533-8669. Alternatively, you can also request an appointment on this landing page.


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