Dentistry for Kids - Oral Health Tips for Kids - Brooklyn MNThere is no need of waiting until your kid has teeth if you want to teach them about oral hygiene and general health.  In fact, teaching kids about oral hygiene and good nutrition should be done right away. Dentists claim that the earlier kids are taught to develop routines related to oral health, the better it is because this way kids are prevented from oral diseases. Therefore, with dentistry for kids, teaching kids about oral health tips are important.

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1. Starting Oral Hygiene Habits

The earlier this is done, the better the training will be. Make sure you are not using a toothbrush on your kids’ gums. Soak a gauze pad or washcloth in water and gently clean their gums and new budding teeth.

2. Brushing with Care

Teaching kids to brush with a soft hand is important. Brushing hard and fast can lead to gum problems and other mouth problems. The toothbrush that is recommended for kids is a soft-bristled, small toothbrush paired with a fine layer of fluoridated toothpaste.

3. Teaching Kids

When the child is 3 years old, begin teaching them the proper way of brushing and the amount of toothpaste to use (a pea-sized dollop of fluoridated toothpaste). After the child is done, parents should redo it just so it can be reinforcement. At the age of six, children will want to brush their teeth by themselves; however, parents must make sure the child is doing it right. Demonstrating the correct way of brushing is important because most kids learn this way.

4. Water Checks

It is important that your house has a fluoridated water supply. If your house does not have fluoridated water, it is important you discuss this with your dentist.

5. Fight Tooth Decay

Make sure your child is not going to sleep with any sugar-containing fluids or food residue in his or her mouth. When young teeth are exposed to sugar-containing liquids for long periods of time, the risk of tooth decay increases rapidly.

6. Bye Sugar

It takes saliva minimum 30 minutes to balance the acidity that is created by decaying bacteria when sugar is ingested. If children are always munching on sugary snacks, they will have a higher chance of tooth decay.

7. Go to the Dentist

Taking your child to a dentist or family dentist is important. It is important to have a dental home for the child to understand the importance of oral health. Dentists that specialize in dentistry for kids will teach the child how they can prevent oral diseases; they will check for cavities and check for any developmental problems.

Dentists that have specialized in dentistry for kids will help your kid understand the importance of having a healthy mouth. Therefore, make sure you are taking your child to that regular checkup.

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