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When it comes to teeth replacement, dental implants are perhaps the most durable and convenient solution. With a success rate of over 95%, dental implants have become the cornerstone of prosthesis involving missing teeth and rehabilitation.

But what are they exactly?

Dental Implants – A Brief Introduction

In the current dental scenario, implants have become the go-to mode of treatment for one or more missing teeth. Aside from the massively high success rate, the reason implants are popular is because of their permanence. Dental implants consist of a titanium body that is embedded into the jaw bone and topped off with a crown that resembles your natural tooth.

This involves surgical procedures and a considerable amount of time. And as associated with any form of treatment, dental implants carry their pros and cons.

Pros of Dental Implants


One of the key factors in implants being the appliance of choice for teeth replacement is the fact that they mimic the feel and look of natural teeth. This aids in increased self-confidence and self-esteem levels of patients owing to better aesthetics.


An implant is positioned into place by drilling holes into the jaw bone and allowing it to fuse it to the surrounding area through a process called “Osseo-integration”. This allows the implant to be long-lasting, and essentially permanent. With proper care and regular maintenance, the implant can last you for your entire lifetime.

Other replacement options, like bridges and dentures, have to be replaced every 5-10 years (on average). This can lead to further expenses in time and money.


Because the implants are placed into the jaw bone, they’re essentially mimicking a tooth root. This leads to increased functionality of the prosthesis. While dentures and other removable prostheses might displace while talking, eating, etc. implants remain in their place. The structure also allows patients to eat their choice of foods, which they would actively avoid with other replacements.


When it comes to treatment solutions like crowns, bridges, partial dentures, etc. adjacent healthy teeth have to be cut down to make space for restoration placement. Dental implants completely forego the need for the modification of healthy teeth. They retain their structural integrity and avoid any future complications that may arise due to preparation (caries, infections, etc.)


Tooth roots provide structural integrity to the jaw bone. And when there is tooth loss, including roots, this harmony is tampered with. The missing tooth spaces can cause adjacent teeth to tip into these spaces, causing misalignment. The loss of teeth also results in bone loss over time, distorting facial structure – leading you to look older.

Since dental implants are embedded into the jaw bone, these serve the same purpose as natural roots. The result? Improved and preserved facial structures. The presence of crowns also prevents any misalignment of the surrounding teeth.

Cons of Dental Implants


With dental implants, it can take up to 6 months or more from the time you visit your dentist at Brooklyn Boulevard Dental, to delivery of the crown. So if you’re someone who is looking for an immediate fix, this may not be the route for you.

The healing after post-placement takes a considerable amount of time, depending on bone health and oral conditions.

Dental Implant Failure

While dental implants carry a success rate of over 95%, certain conditions can lead to failure of the prosthesis.

The success of Osseo-integration between the implant post and bone depends on the quality of bone. During the initial examination, the implant area is always assessed. And if your dentist feels like the periodontium (or your jaw bone) isn’t strong enough to support the implant, they might advise against it.

The health of the bone is also hampered in certain medical conditions. If a patient has any debilitating conditions like AIDS, uncontrolled diabetes, osteoporosis, collagen disorders, etc. they are at an increased risk of implant failure. These conditions hamper the healing and regenerative processes, thereby preventing Osseo-integration, and ultimately leading to failure of the dental implant.

Smokers are also advised against implants since the habit leads to an increased risk of procedure failure.

Overloading an implant can lead to fracture of the jaw bone, or misplacement of the post, causing further problems.


Although dental implants are essentially risk-free and safe, the surgical site can get infected. This can happen if the patient fails to follow post-operative instructions or doesn’t maintain oral health. If left untreated, the infection can lead to peri-implantitis. It is an inflammatory condition that interferes with the stability of the implant. As a result, treatment can fail.

Additional Procedures

In some cases, patients may require additional procedures to support implant placement. These can include bone grafts if the surrounding thickness of bone isn’t enough. Furthermore, patients with sinuses located too close to the jaw bone might require sinus lifts.

These additional procedures can lead to the increased wait time for the implant delivery, and also costs.


Dental implant placement is a multi-step process. This means multiple trips to your dentist at Brooklyn Boulevard. Moreover, the cost of implant procedures isn’t fully supported by insurance providers. Translation? You’ll be paying for it out of your pocket – and it isn’t cheap. A full set of implant-supported teeth can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars in the US.

However, if you were to weigh the advantages of dental implants including that of functionality and durability, it is the most cost-effective line of treatment.

But don’t worry about it. Get in touch with your dentist at Brooklyn Boulevard Dental to find out about our dental implant procedures. We also have our in-house dental insurance, which might aid in affording the care you’re looking for.

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