5 Tips to keep Healthy teeth during the holidays

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1. Don’t crack nuts with your teeth. Although protein found in nuts helps keep muscles and bones strong, you shouldn’t test the strength of your teeth by shelling nuts with them. The hard surface of most nuts can cause serious tooth and gum damage, and may even crack teeth. The safest option? Shell nuts before […]

A Child’s First Visit for Pediatric Dentistry

When to take your child for Pediatric Dentistry The best time to take your child to his first pediatric dentistry is six months after his/her very first or primary teeth erupt. This period is an ideal chance for the dentist to do a careful examination of how the child’s mouth is developing. Since dental care […]

Everything about Dental X-Ray

What is Dental X-Ray? Dental radiographs or Dental X-rays are used to diagnose the oral health of children, adolescents, adults and those persons who need special health care. This radiographs (black-and-white) shows the irregularities in teeth positioning, also determines problems with the soft tissues surrounding your teeth, mouth, and jaws. They are used to determine […]

Severe Gum Diseases

Severe Gum Diseases Gum diseases are often visible as inflamed or infected gums. Gingivitis (the inflammation of the gums) and Periodontitis (inflammation of the bone and tissues of the teeth) are the common types of gum disease. Bacteria are often the cause, which often forms into plaques and tartar when one doesn’t practice good oral […]

Does Natural Teeth Whitening Really Work?

Does Natural Teeth Whitening Really Work? Can you confidently smile and be camera-ready all the time? Or do you do your best to hold your grin and keep it to yourself instead? Either way, the teeth are the first to be noticed when you smile – how they look and how white they are. Well, […]

Best Food for a Better Oral Hygiene

Best Food for a Better Oral Hygiene The mouth is one of the parts of the body which more often than not taken for granted. This is probably the worst decision one could make because this is one part of the body from which different bacteria may grow and may emerge from.  Oral hygiene should […]

Kid First Dental Appointment

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Are you planning to book a dentist appointment for your toddler for the first time? If yes, have you searched the dentist who fits your requirements? Simple tasks like making an appointment to visit the dentist are actually daunting. There are many things that should be taken into consideration because kids could be very picky, […]

Fixing Bad Breath

Fixing Bad Breath Good oral health is a state of being free from the mouth, facial, oral and throat pain. To enjoy a healthy oral state, extra care must be done to prevent oral diseases such as oral infection and sores, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and even bad breath. These disorders limit […]

Cost Keeps Many Americans from Good Dental Care

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Most Americans today tend to minimize their expenses on having dental cares and check-ups. Even if there are insurances out there and government help, it still can’t change the fact that Americans can’t afford to go to the dentist anymore. Reasons Insurance- Research shows that almost half of the American people don’t have dental insurances. […]

Dental Plaque Linked To Cancer Risk

Dental Plaque Linked To Cancer Risk Many people would think that dental health is isolated only in the mouth and this does not have any risk for other parts of the body. But it was found out that dental plaque was linked to possible risk of cancer. In order to get rid of this plaque […]