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Best Food for a Better Oral Hygiene

The mouth is one of the parts of the body which more often than not taken for granted. This is probably the worst decision one could make because this is one part of the body from which different bacteria may grow and may emerge from.  Oral hygiene should not be taken lightly and knowing the importance of maintaining good hygiene and its impact on your overall health may change your perspective on it. Oral hygiene is not merely knowing the right time to brush your teeth or even the proper way of brushing, it includes the different food that you are eating and how each of this food will affect your teeth, your tongue and your mouth in general.

Why is it essential to take note of your food intake?

The food that comes in contact with your mouth is not there to bring you the nutrients that your body needs.  Together with this, it may introduce different kinds of bacteria depending on what kind of food and substances it contains.  This is the primary reason that you have to look closely for the food that you take in.  This means that looking more than the nutritional intake but also the different chemical breakdown it undergoes thereafter.

Teeth Makeover

Just like any other matter teeth is prone to break down. The different enzymes that are present in the oral cavity may cause this and sometimes failure to look into this may lead to tooth decay and even worse oral problems.

The good food

There is a variety of food in the market; the question sometimes will come down to what is the food that would aid in the provision of good oral hygiene?  The answer to this is the group of dairy products which is comprised of cheese and milk.  The other foods that can be included in the best food for oral hygiene are nuts and chicken.  The important characteristics that these foods have in common are the richness in calcium and phosphorus.  These specific vitamin and mineral provide the teeth what was lost in the enamel during the interaction of different enzymes.

The other groups that are also good for the teeth are the fruits and vegetables.  This is not a surprise since basically the fruits and vegetables provide the necessary nutrients that the body needs.  More than this, it is the high water content that is vital to improving oral hygiene.  They dilute the sugar and encourage the free flow of saliva and protects the teeth from decay and at the same time buffers that acid present in the mouth.

The bad food

This group can be pretty obvious.  These are the group that leads to the further breakdown of teeth and can cause further bacteria to build up.  This group includes everything that is sweet such as muffins, lollipops, cookies, cakes, and pies.  The high amount of sugar, which sticks to the teeth and is a good breeding ground for bacteria.

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