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The pediatric dentistry or, Dentistry for children aims dental health care for children and, adolescents. It could be detecting diseases, malformations and apply the necessary treatments to correct or stop them. There are various kinds of dental health problems among the younger ones. The primary disease is carries, cavities and, the structure of teeth. Based on that, the specialist suggests the treatment.

Reviews are important

Did you think that children could only have older caries? The elimination of decay in milk teeth is vital to have a perfect denture in the future. It is very important to bring the child to periodic check-ups at the family dentist. This thing is important to capture possible problems. The treatment room for the kid is different. It’s not like the adult ones. The room is specially created for them. So that they can have fun and, complete the treatment. This thing is done to ease the fear of dental treatment. They can make friends before entering the clinic.

What diseases does pediatric dentistry treat?

Alterations in the size, number, and shape of the teeth:

There are several diseases that affect the normal dental development of teeth in children. This is why visiting the specialist is the primary choice in dentistry for children. For example, Anodontia is the congenital absence of teeth partially or totally. Ablastodonticsis the absence of all teeth permanently. Hypodontia, or the appearance of more teeth than normal. Macrodontia is characterized by teeth larger than normal size. Microdontiaconsists of having smaller teeth of average size.

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Problems with the coloring of the teeth:

There are many factors that affect the abnormal coloring of the teeth. From the lack of vitamin D or the use of antibiotics to the hereditary factor can alter the tooth enamel. And, cause an abnormal pigmentation that can be evaluated and treated in a pediatric dentistry clinic. This is a part of dental implants for the child dentistry branch.


The eternal problem of children from an early age. Often by sleeping with a bottle contaminated with sweet products such as milk. The educational role of the parents is very important to take preventative measures in time improving the feeding and brushing. As well as its early detection and its due treatment to cure them.


Also very common during childhood as a result of rough games, sports, and falls or involuntary bumps. It leads to complete loss of tooth root and tooth breakage.

Conclusion: little handy information

You can consult with your family dentist. Only if he/she is well experienced to treat child dental problems with child psychology. Their dental structure is soft. So, you must let the professional to look after the matter. There is also various dental disorder. Other dental disorders such as the early or late exit of all teeth, or those caused by continuously sucking the finger. Or, by nasal pathologies that alter continued mouth breathing and, cause deformations. Disease like celiac can also cause depigmentation or some mouth alterations.