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Family dentistry is a broad term that can best be used to describe the services which can be provided by that of a general dentist. This means that a general dentist has to be adept in treating and managing everyone from the uncooperative three-year-old to the seventy-five-year-old grandpa.

Family dentistry, therefore, is concerned with the prevention of decay through education and use of modern materials that strengthen and decrease your chances of “getting a cavity”. But if you do get a cavity there are many good ways to fix your teeth. One important thing to remember is that you should be given options. There is not always just one way to fix something. There may be pros and cons to each method, but properly informed you can make the right decision.


Normal prophylaxis – this is what most people think of when they think of getting their teeth cleaned. This is normally performed as a one appointment procedure in conjunction with a completely hard and soft tissue exam and may include x-rays if necessary.

Periodontal scaling – This method is used when your pocket readings are usually 5mm or greater in more than one region. It will at times require anesthesia and may require several appointments to ensure that a thorough job has been done. Each patient is examined thoroughly by our hygienist in an effort to tailor the necessary treatment for you.


A sealant is a plastic coating that is placed within the deep anatomic pits and fissures that make up the top portion of a molar and in other areas that may be prone to decay. It works by not allowing bacteria and food particles to colonize these areas and produce acids which can ultimately lead to decay.

It is usually placed on permanent teeth (molars and bicuspids – but can also place them on baby teeth as well. The process is very simple and straightforward and requires no anesthesia.


X-rays are our confirming tool used to diagnose everything from decay to bony abnormalities. X-rays are not taken of every visit to the dentist but are done on a need basis. Even if you haven’t had a cavity in several years, there may be other undiagnosed problems that could be related to bone, teeth, and gums.

Laser Cavity Detection

Diagnodent: This technology is a non-invasive technology that allows gauging the progress of a cavity, accurately and repeatedly. It helps detect these when very small thus preventing the need for a large restoration.

Sports Guards

Sports guards are advised for youngsters of all ages. If your loved ones play in any kind of contact sport or in cases where projectiles are present, a properly constructed guard can prevent injuries to the teeth or soft tissues.

Hygiene Education

While we strive to do our very best in each and every phase of your treatment there remains one thing that stands out above the rest. It’s the effectiveness with which we teach you to maintain your teeth for a lifetime. We want you to keep your teeth and what you carry home in knowledge from this office is all important. Without it, the best dentistry is for naught. Remember that regular dental checkups are as important as the restorations we place and meticulous home care will ensure your good dental health between visits.

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