Family dentistry

The faculty of family dentistry is indeed an important one when it comes to our oral health. Family dentists are dedicated to providing top-notch care in all spheres of dentistry and for people of all ages. Which is why it is imperative to be in touch with a good family dentist.

Why is Family Dentistry Important for Oral Health?

Oral health forms a fundamental part of your general health in entirety. Taking care of your oral health needs ensures not just the longevity of your smile and teeth, but also maintains the quality of your life.

Think of a family dentist as a “one-stop-shop” for your dental concerns. The biggest advantage of family dentistry is that it caters to all ages. Irrespective of whether it’s you who needs treatment, an older relative, or a child – one dentist can help all of you.

Family dentists are separate from general dentists. Family dentists have some training in treating kids, though not as much as a pediatric dentist. When it comes to the younger ones, a family dentist understands that they have different dental needs than adults. And they are trained to offer specialized care to children and make sure that their needs are met in a gentle, caring, and effective way.

Furthermore, family dentists also take care of any type of dental issue, whether it’s prophylactic or a full-blown treatment. Just some of the services that your family dentist can provide are mentioned below –

As understood, family dentistry provides a lot more treatment modalities than the ones mentioned above. You can find everything from diagnostics like X-rays to basic orthodontic treatment under one roof. However, preventive dentistry is perhaps the most important facet of family dentistry, making it important for maintaining your oral health.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

The convenience of Dental Care

Since family dentistry involves taking care of all ages, it saves a lot of time. You don’t have to carry around different family members to separate dentists. You just have to show up to Brooklyn Boulevard Dental to get everyone taken care of. This saves time, money, and fuel!

Moreover, you can also schedule appointments at the same time, and call it a day. Easy, right?

Versatile Treatment Options

As mentioned previously, a family dentist is trained to provide a pretty long list of treatments. So whether it’s a filling, denture requirements, or just regular cleaning, you just have to stop at one clinic. The need for shuffling from one specialist to another is negated.

Convenience is another added plus. Not only can you schedule separate appointments in one day, but you can also get different procedures or follow up done, should that be feasible at the clinic. Multiple patients, multiple therapies.

Tracking Family History

With one dentist, it is easier to keep a track of any genetic or hereditary dental conditions that might run in the family. For example, if a parent had crowded teeth as a child, chances are their children will too. This helps the dentist make an orthodontic treatment plan should the need arise. It also helps your dentist lookout for any signs pointing to potential oral health issues. Another example is screening for oral cancers if it runs in the family. Which is why an up to date chart of the family history is super important. And when multiple members of a single-family visit the same practitioner, this step is made much easier.


Maintaining Oral Health

Family dentistry focuses a lot on providing education on good dental practices. This helps inculcate good behavior in children, especially when they see adults listening to, and practicing similar habits. In addition to the development of these habits, visiting the same dentist can alleviate any dental anxiety that the child might be feeling. This aids in the child developing a healthy relationship with their dentist, resulting in them being comfortable in the chair.

Another added benefit of family dentistry is that the child can continue visiting the same dentist even as they grow into an adult. This prevents the stress of looking for a new dentist as one progresses into adulthood.


When you’re going to one dentist over a longer period, with the rest of your family, there is a sense of trust and reliability that develops. You know you’ll be getting the same quality care each time you have an appointment. And since your family dentist is aware of your histories and habits, they’ll be better prepared to deal with your dental issues, whether it’s an elective or an emergency procedure.

With multiple advantages of family dentistry, it is no surprise that a lot of people are opting to get in touch with a good family dentist. And if you’re in the Twin Cities, come visit us at Boulevard Brooklyn Dental for all your family dentistry needs.