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The dental implants are parts of titanium. It is placed by the surgical intervention in the bone of the jaws as part of a treatment. To replace one or more teeth are lost or, damaged. Its shape is cylindrical or conical. And its size is that of a tooth root which is what they are intended to replace. Once integrated into the maxilla, a prosthesis of titanium is also placed. It will allow uniting the implant with the crown. It will be the piece that simulates the tooth and, full fills its function.

Dental implant prosthetics

The implant will also prevent the bone of the maxilla from being reabsorbed due to lack of utilization. Something that the patient would experience since he no longer had a dental root that was held inside the bone. In this way, you can avoid the retraction of the gums. And, keeping their size at the same level throughout the mouth.

The price of a dental implant

Thanks to the titanium prosthetics into the bone, patients get successful and, affordable prosthetics. But, the primary objective is to consult with the family dentist at first. Sometimes it varies according to the technique used by the specialist. It also depends on the specific diagnosis of each patient.

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Conventional dental implants:

Surgery is performed to open the gum and, place the implant. And, it is expected during two or three months that the Osseointegration with the maxilla is completed. In a second surgery the complete union of the bone and, the dental implants are verified. The gum is opened again to connect the implant with the prosthesis and, finish the process.

Mini implants:

When more than 3 or 4 pieces must be replaced, or a complete denture, this technique can be considered. Often it is used in case of increasing cost too much. It consists of resting on two or, three dental implants to support the entire prosthesis. So that the denture will be retained. And, the patient will not have to go through a much longer, uncomfortable and expensive treatment.

Implants for orthodontics:

This is the simplest method and, therefore the most economical. It does not require cuts or incisions. A very powerful aesthetic gel is applied and, implants are attached directly to the bone through the gum in a process. The process takes no more than 10 minutes. Once the desired effect has been achieved by the orthodontic treatment, the implants will be removed as easily.

The benefits you will get from a dental implant

Recover functionality the tooth you lost. As well as the aesthetics of your mouth which will restore your self-esteem and safety. To reduce the damage to healthy teeth that could have deteriorated, not to remove the patient. It is necessary to talk with your specialist, but, implants are recommended after age 21. So, stop searching with different keywords. Type “dentist near me” and, get the best dental specialist in town.