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Sour candies, including sour Skittles, Sour Gummy Bears, sweetarts, Altoids and Mango Sour, are popular treats, especially among children, but have disastrous effects on the teeth. This is because these candies contain high levels of acid, with a low pH value that erode away the teeth’s protective enamel layer which paves the way to tooth decay and cavities. Each acid attack lasts for about twenty minutes, which means prolonged candy sucking or continued chewing can hold the acid in your mouth for a longer period of time and cause more damage.

Enamel erosion leads to tooth sensitivity, rounding of the teeth along the edges and surfaces, discoloration, teeth turning yellow, tooth decay, cracks and dents that may start appearing on the teeth surface, making the filling appear to have risen up.


We now know the causes and effects, but what about the remedies? The first and obvious step is to reduce or eliminate the consumption of these sour candies altogether. If you must pop one in your mouth once in a while, be sure to not suck or chew for longer periods of time. To curb your sour candy cravings, chew sugar-free gum. Not only will this help your struggle in keeping away from the acidic load, but also help produce saliva which guards the tooth enamel.

After you have consumed any acidic food, remember to not brush your teeth right away but wait for about an hour to avoid the harmful effects of acid on teeth. If the erosion has already begun, seek your dentist’s assistance without delay and enquire ways of minimizing enamel loss or reducing sensitivity. Lastly, use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush that will be less harsh on your enamel, and prevent it from further eroding.

So, as you can see, sour candy can really damage your teeth and hence it is best to eat it in moderation rather than on a daily basis.