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Hearing a toddler say that his or her tooth has come loose can lead to a myriad of emotions. These emotions can range from joy and elation to sadness and worry. This is the reason why this precious and unique moment can be memorable yet infused with stress at the same time.

The problem worth mentioning here is that even though being loose the tooth won’t fall out immediately. This process can take days or even weeks before the tooth eventually loses its position. The trouble for the child is that the intervening period, which is usually filled with agony, can appear as if it is a lifetime. Here is how to help your child through this situation.

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How to Deal

Your little one will bring it to your attention when his/her tooth is loose. It is best to persuade the child to give gentle nudges to the tooth with the tongue. Wiggling the tooth also helps in loosening the bond that the tooth has with the root.

It is advisable to caution the child against wiggling the tooth with his/her hands unless they are well washed and scrubbed in advance. Following sufficient nudging and wiggling, the bond will impair. This process can take a considerable amount of time, ranging from days to weeks. Unless the gums and tooth are swelling or red, it is better to wait for the tooth to come off on its own. There will be some bleeding but that shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Use of Force

The tooth can be removed by force if you are sick of looking at it while it is delicate. Firmly grasp and pull the tooth with a strip of gauze and sanitized hands. It is better to wait for a couple of days in case the tooth remains intact after the first pull.

Obviously, you should take your kid to the dentist and seek the dentist’s advice to ensure nothing goes wrong.