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If you feel that bad breath got you down every time, its high time to visit your family dentist. The unpleasant odor or bad breath can be discomforting for you and those around you. Worry not, luckily it can be fixed easily.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Halitosis, as the medical professionals name the bad breath, is an unpleasant odor from mouth. It is usually the result of a poor dental hygiene routine, smoking, alcohol, some medical conditions and some foods you eat. Ignoring the problem of bad breath can worsen to infections in the mouth like respiratory tract infections, dry mouth, diabetes, kidney, liver and lung disease, digestion issues, etc.

What Are The Indicators?

The underlying symptoms can be food debris, dental plaque, and the development of gingivitis. It can be difficult for you to assess how your breath smells. Try to smell your breath by placing your hand around your mouth and breath. You may ask any relative or close friend also but, considering a dental professional is the best way to confirm if bad breath is an issue for you or not.

How to Diagnose?

It is the task of a qualified dental professional to determine the exact cause of bad breath. The reason is the number of possibilities that can cause this problem. So, stop making guesses and fix an appointment with a family dentist, who can give you a diagnosis and refer you to some good physician or another medical professional, if needed.

How To Control or Prevent?

The excellent way to prevent  is to brush properly and floss once a day. But there are also some other methods to freshen your breath, which your family dentist can discuss with you.


What Is The Common Treatment?

The first step to getting rid of this unwanted barrier between you and your loved ones is, visiting your dentist for regular dental checkups. Your dental specialist will guide you in the best way to remove all your doubts regarding bad breath issues.

–Brush twice and floss once a day will help to control plaque development. Floss is important to keep the spaces in between your teeth clean and free of food debris.

–Use a tongue scraper to prevent odor-causing bacteria that form on the tongue. –Regular cleaning at professional hands, timely dental visits at least twice a year for a thorough check-up are advisable to enjoy excellent dental health.

–(If applicable) Remove the dentures at night so that your gums can also relax and the food particles tucked can be brushed completely.

–Dry mouth, gum disease, respiratory tract infections, and diabetes are a few bad breath related conditions that should be discussed with your dentist on a priority basis.

Although bad breath may be nothing serious, if simple self-care methods don’t solve the problem, you should consult with your dentist.

Always practice great oral hygiene habits. People usually consider using anti-bacterial mouthwashes unnecessary, but this product helps you to give extra care to your beautiful smile.