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Most adults tend to forget that dentistry for children is as crucial as it is for grown-ups. This lack of information delays a child’s first visit to the dentist until they’re old enough or worse if they have an emergency condition.

dentistry for children

The reality is that a child has to be taken to the dental office when the first tooth erupts, i.e. around 6-7 months. Regular visits to your child’s pediatric dentist not only ensure a healthy mouth but also assists in the child forming a trustworthy bond with their dentist.

This further eases the child’s dental anxiety.

Why Are Pediatric Dentists Important For Dentistry For Children?


Pediatric dentists are dental practitioners who specialize in dentistry for children, i.e. they are experts at providing dental healthcare to infants, toddlers, and children until they become adults.

Similar to their counterparts in different branches, pediatric dentists graduate from dental school. However, they attend a few extra years and undergo formal training, education, and specialization to cater to kids specifically.

All the extra hard works make pediatric dentists the perfect practitioner for your little one.

There are plenty of other reasons why pediatric dentists are important, some of which are listed below:

dentistry for children

Oral hygiene

Ask any dental expert and they’ll tell you that practicing good oral hygiene at home and visiting your pediatric dentist at least twice a year go hand in hand.

The combination of at-home and professional care guarantees healthy teeth and gums.

Pediatric dentists also guide parents on the different ways to care for their child’s dental health, particularly when they’re too young to do it themselves.

Preventive therapies

Parents often neglect their child’s primary teeth since they have to fall out in due course and be replaced by permanent teeth.

But the truth is that they are equally important as adult teeth. The primary teeth play an important role in not only mastication (chewing food) but also speech development in kids.

Early loss of milk teeth due to injury or decay leaves a space that leads to developmental issues with permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentists play a pivotal role in taking care of your child’s teeth with restorative and preventative therapies.

Identifying dental needs

A child’s oral structure and teeth are significantly different from an adult’s. This translates into them having separate dental health needs as well.

A general dentist is qualified to treat your child, however, their exact requirements are only met by a pedodontist, aka a pediatric dentist.

Regular dental visits

As mentioned previously, the early experiences a child has with their dentist sets the bar for future dental health.

Regular visits and good interactions with their pediatric dentist lead to good oral hygiene practices, thereby contributing to a healthy smile.

What Do You Look For In A Pediatric Dentist?

dentistry for children

As parents, we understand that you only want the best for your little ones. This also includes finding a dentist that not only understands the requirements of your child’s oral cavity but also someone who knows what they are doing.

So when you’re out looking for the perfect pediatric dentist for your child, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Working license

Naturally, look for a licensed dentist with the right qualifications and skill set to take care of your child.

Do not hesitate to ask questions to the dentist you’re visiting to gain an insight into the expertise, skill level, and communication.

Child’s experience

The first visit with a pediatric dentist is usually a consultation. Look out for how your child feels during the entire time you’re at the dental office.

Pediatric dentists understand that visiting a dentist can be a scary ordeal for little kids.

So unless the dentist and their staff are making your child’s comfort a priority, you’re simply wasting your time.

Office ambience

Aside from the dental staff, the office also plays a huge role in alleviating your child’s dental anxiety.

This involves using bright colors in the interior décor, a fun, and playful ambiance, and keeping any scary-looking instruments away from the child’s view.

also have access to toys, videos, and books to entertain them during the waiting time.

Children with positive experiences at the dentist’s office are likely to return.

Office location

Other things you need to look out for are the location of the dental office, the cost of procedures, and whether or not your insurance covers the treatments required.

Services provided

Look into the services the dental offices provide. These can include general services such as routine cleanings, cavity prevention, etc.

Pediatric dentists also focus on specialized care for kids, especially preventative and restorative services.

This includes using sealants to prevent decay, orthodontic intervention to avoid malocclusions, tooth replacement options in case a child experiences premature shedding of the primary teeth, etc.

Dentistry For Children: What Are The Tips For Child’s Dental Health?

dentistry for children

Maintain hygiene

In infants, run a clean and damp washcloth over the gums to prevent bacterial accumulation. Alternatively, you can also use your clean fingers.

Gentle brushing

When teething has occurred, use a tiny bit of fluoride toothpaste (similar to the size of a grain of rice). Then gently brush over the new teeth using an infant toothbrush. You can also finger brush over them.

Assist your kids

Supervise younger kids (under the age of 8) when they’re brushing. Ensure that they’re reaching all the surfaces of the teeth and also assist them with flossing when required.

Avoid bottle while sleeping

Avoid putting babies to sleep with a bottle in their mouth since it could lead to “baby bottle tooth decay”. This interferes with the proper development of not only the primary teeth but also the permanent ones.

Limit sugar consumption

Limit sugary foods, juices, candy, etc. as these erode the enamel layer and cause cavities. Always make sure that kids rinse their mouths afterward.

Good habits

Start good oral practices early. Proper habits at home in conjunction with regular visits to the dental office will give your child healthy teeth and gums and also instill proper future care.

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