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When visiting your dentist, be prepared for some secrets. Find out what your dentist secretly wishes you knew, but may not always be successful in sharing.


Some people believe that intense oral pain will go away with time. This often leads to them avoiding mastication on one side of their mouths, with the hopes that the hurting will subside. But don’t ever let your dentist hear this. If you feel irregular pain in any part of your mouth, head to the dentist as soon as you can. While it may only be a cavity, if left untreated it could cause an infection in your mouth, eventually leading to more serious problems. If it hurts, get it checked.


Many people assume the health of their mouth is completely independent of the state of the rest of their body. The reality, though, is that the body is an interconnected machine that expresses symptoms of ailments through every possible channel. Poor mouth health can be the result of a variety of different maladies throughout your body. If you are struggling with dental-related symptoms, schedule a visit with your primary care physician, or even an internal specialist, to see what might be the root of your problems.


It is true that eating a bag of candy every day might lead to a mouth full of cavities, but this isn’t always the source of tooth decay. Cavities can be caused by a variety of other foods you might not expect. Corn, potatoes, rice, and wheat, all these can be the cause of cavities or other gum-related diseases. If you are suffering from one of these ailments, check your diet to see if it might be the cause of your problems. Be sure to ask your dentist if you have any questions, or simply need any advice on a healthy diet plan for you to follow.

These are some things your dentist wishes you know before you head in for the next visit. For more information, Contact Us, Or Book an Appointment Now!