Dental insurance can be quite frustrating and confusing. At times, insurance companies may also try to intentionally confuse you. Yet, at the same time, dental insurance is necessary as well. To help you steer clear of unnecessary misconceptions, we have compiled for you a list of myths about dental insurance that you may have heard:

Myth #1: Without Dental Insurance, I Can’t Go To the Dentist

This is absolutely a false statement. Many people find that common dental care is reasonable, especially since preventive treatment helps protect against later issues before they get out of hand, and become costly to treat. In case you do not have dental insurance, discuss with your dentist about payment methods that are more accessible to you.

Myth #2: All Dental Costs Are Covered Under My Dental Care Plan

This is also a misconception, and not true. Dental plans are designed to assist you in paying part of your dental costs, and will entirely depend on the procedures and services purchased by your employer as part of the dental care plan.

Myth #3: All Dental Plans Are the Same

Again, this is a completely false statement. Just like health plans vary, so do dental insurance plans. In reality, a majority of insurance plans are discount plans offering low out-of-pocket rates.

Myth #4: I Can Go Anywhere I Want With My Dental Insurance

Many people get this wrong. Dental insurance plans differ in terms of coverage, just like health insurance, which means your dentist might not be part of a preferred provider or network. For this reason, it is important to check the extent of coverage before you decide on a plan.

With these debunked myths in mind, perhaps a future dental emergency will not be so expensive and aggravating for you. For further information, don’t forget to contact your dental insurance company or your dentist.