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You must know that there are several procedures of dental implants available to you. The dental implant is indicated in cases where the patient has already lost the tooth. Or, the tooth is not able to be restored and needs to be extracted. Ugly, or damaged teeth often cause lack of self-confidence in public, reason – you can’t smile. This is why most of us visit the nearest dental implant clinic. But, what exactly you are expecting from dental implant surgery? If you are searching for affordable full mouth dental implants near me, read the information shared here carefully.


Expected results

Many patients wonder if there is any way to know what the end result of the dental implant will look like. There are two ways that come very close to reality:

Temporary teething: The patient can choose whether he wants the implanted teeth, a little lighter or darker than what the natural shade was. Even if he feels uncomfortable about the length or thickness of implanted teeth, changes are made until he is satisfied.

Planning the Implant in the Computer: Currently, the trend is to make the changes in the teeth in the computer. The teeth are modified until the dentist and the patient, both are satisfied. After that, it is sent to the prosthetic laboratory which makes the changes in a plaster model accurately.


Anyone who thinks about placing dental implants needs to have good general health. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or some chronic illness, take your medication on a regular basis. It is normal for the dentist to contact the general physician for your case.

Adolescents and children who do not have their bone growth cycle reached completion should consult some specialist before opting for dental implants. Rather, girls are advised to wait till the age of 15 years and boys till 18 years, before having dental implants. Because the implants, after ‘Osseointegration’ do not change position anymore and doesn’t follow the craniofacial growth. A great deal of attention is also needed in patients using bisphosphonate drugs. These drugs are used in Paget’s disease, malignant neoplasms and, some cases of osteoporosis. This medication inhibits bone remodeling. It has been associated with bone necrosis, with a very difficult solution if it occurs.

Diagnosis and Careful Observation Required to Place a Dental Implant

To get dental implants, you need to know the exact condition of the bone that is below the gingiva. And for this a panoramic radiography or, computed tomography is essential.

Panoramic radiography: It shows the dentist the situation of the bone. Being possible to evaluate the height of this bone, but not its width. Experienced professionals can try to reverse the condition on time, otherwise, it causes a fracture in that bone.

Computed tomography: With this examination, the dentist can accurately know the height, and width of this bone. Computed tomography allows the dentist to perform the patient’s surgery on the computer before performing the procedure in the mouth. And thus finalize the treatment plan.