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Having occasional not-so-fresh breath and having chronically bad breath are two different things, and the latter is known as halitosis. Unfortunately, breath mints and loads of mouthwash cannot easily resolve chronic bad breath. However, the condition is not impossible to get rid of.

To begin with, halitosis may be the outcome of a number of factors, some of which include leftover food particles in the mouth, dry mouth, dental problems, such as tooth decay, cavities or gingivitis, or other medical issues that especially affect the nasal passage, sinuses and throat, and can be a sign of kidney and liver disease.

Coping with Chronic Bad Breath: 

Since we are not talking about occasional bad breath here, we will not be looking at short-term solutions, such as a mouth rinse or chewing gum. For getting rid of halitosis, you need to take the following remedial steps:

Following the above-mentioned steps on a daily basis will greatly help fight halitosis in no time.