Braces can help you get the smile you want. However, if you are prone to gum disease, braces might not be suitable for you. It is hard to keep your teeth clean with braces on. The bacteria buildup can be disastrous for your gum health. Clear aligners are a great substitute for braces.

They are designed to straighten your teeth in an effective and health-friendly manner. The aligners are made of strong plastic material in the form of a series of trays. Each tray is worn for about three weeks before moving on to the next one. This process helps guide your teeth in the right position without bothering your gums. Following are some benefits of clear aligners for preventing gum disease.

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Brush and Floss without any Obstruction

Clear aligners are easily removable. You are advised to wear the trays for about 20 hours a day. It means you can take them off when you are eating or brushing. The fixed structure of traditional braces makes it hard to brush and floss resulting in accumulated plaque. Clear aligners do not hinder your oral hygiene routine, thus help to keep your gums healthy and uninfected.

Easy to Clean Trays

The trays themselves are easy to clean. They are made of a durable plastic that is easy to clean. You can simply wash your clear aligners with your toothpaste. Rinse them with water and put them back on. The metal braces are hard to clean and are prone to harbor bacteria that can lead to gum infection.

Keep Gingivitis at Bay

The inflammation of tissues around the teeth is called Gingivitis. It is the initial stage of gum disease. It is hard to clean the gum line with the traditional braces. Gingivitis may cause bleeding, tenderness, redness or swelling of gums. Clear plastic aligners can help you stay away from this dreaded disease.

Stop Gum Recession

Clear aligners are gentle to your teeth and your gums. The metal braces can cause irritation that may lead to inflammation as well as gum recession. Gum recession increases the risk of gum infection as well as teeth sensitivity. In addition, a receding gum line is not visibly attractive and can make you self-conscious.

Clear aligners can give you a perfect smile and help prevent gum disease. Do not forget to discuss your options with your dentist.