Cosmetic Dentistry: Different Types Of Procedures Performed By A Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry treatment types

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry? Any procedure that involves fixing or maintaining a person’s smile comes under cosmetic dentistry. American dental association although doesn’t recognize this field separately, the treatments involved in the field are pretty popular. Cosmetic dentist are the ones who usually perform cosmetic dentistry . Who can be a general dentist or a […]

Switching to a Family Dentist

Much like general dentistry, family dentistry is associated with the oral hygiene and overall health of your teeth. However, general dentists usually specialize in a specific field of dentistry, while family dentists cater to people of all age brackets. Family dentists have some considerable advantages over general dentists, but before you make the switch to […]

Dental Implant Failures

In terms of function and benefits, dental implants are simply the best choice as a permanent missing tooth replacement option. With the help of an experienced and skilled dental surgeon, dental implants can last for decades and have a success rate of over 95%. However, certain complications may arise with the dental implant procedure if […]

Dentistry for Children: Tips for your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

pediatric dentistry

Whether your toddler has a mouth full of teeth or only a few poking through, it’s time to start thinking about keeping his adorable smile healthy by visiting the dentist. Without a doubt, infant’s teeth don’t last forever but it’s still important to keep those tiny teeth — and gums — in tip-top shape while they’re […]