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You probably know that brushing your teeth twice a day is important for optimal dental hygiene. What most people don’t know is that flossing daily is equally beneficial. In fact, ask your dentist and he/she will recommend it. Of course, it can be a pain to floss daily, what with the risk of bleeding gums and prying out food debris, but the benefits are numerous. To settle the argument,

Here’s a look at 5 benefits of flossing daily:

  1. There are some areas your toothbrush cannot reach. Food can get stuck in these spaces and bacteria can make it a home. This can lead to cavities and plaque unless you floss daily. You can make sure there is nothing lodged between the teeth. This can help prevent many dental issues.
  2. There are several types of bacteria in the mouth which can cause diseases and bone loss. If the bacteria aren’t removed, they can cause the gums to get detached from the teeth, which can lead to tooth loss and ruin your smile.
  3. People know the importance of preserving their pearly whites but not everyone pays attention to the gums. Flossing daily ensures you can keep your gums healthy and prevent them from receding.
  4. Flossing daily ensures tartar doesn’t get the chance to accumulate on your teeth. You know how that can ruin the appearance of your teeth. Not to forget, you can avoid bad breath by preventing tartar.
  5. While visiting the dentist twice a year is recommended, flossing daily will ensure you don’t have to visit more often. Of course, no one wants to head to the dentist every other month with a dental ailment. So, floss daily and you can keep the visits to a minimum.

These are just 5 of the benefits of flossing daily. Give it a go and you will see the effects for yourself!