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Oral Hygiene is essential, even if you have great teeth.  It is necessary that you continue to have regular checkups. So, if you live or work in Brooklyn Center, Fridley, Robbinsdale, New Hope, Brooklyn Park or  Minneapolis, Minnesota,  please visit Brooklyn Boulevard Dental and receive the best dental care available.  We provide a comprehensive range of dental services to individuals and families.  We’ll keep your teeth healthy using gentle dental techniques in a very friendly atmosphere so that you have a bright, and beautiful smile for many years to come. 

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each of our patients receives unparalleled care that is both efficient and effective. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (763) 533-8669.


The goal of our dental clinic is to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere, a place where you are met with a smile and a friendly hello.  We understand the dental office can bring a bit of anxiety to some, so we want to assure you that here at Brooklyn Blvd Dental, we understand this, and are compassionate to your needs.  We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, and know we are here to answer any question you might have regarding any dental procedure. All our dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and staff want you to look forward to seeing us every time you visit.  Welcome, we are here to serve you.


Regular visits to the dentist can reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss.  Our modern techniques, kind approach, and using the best equipment and technology available will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Here at Brooklyn Boulevard Dental, our services include dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental fillings, cosmetic dentistry, and much more.  Our office provides you a full complement of dental services.  

Preventative Services

We offer our routine and preventative dental services for the whole family and other services specifically designed to protect their developing teeth.

Family Dental Services

Relating warmly and positively to our young patients and their parents is very important to us. Each of our patient’s needs and concerns are our number one priority.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change in your teeth and to your smile. This helps to improve your appearance, your smile, even your self-esteem, and confidence.

Dental Professionals Care for Their Teeth

Dentistry For Children

Dentistry for children has a positive effect not only on your child’s dental health but also their overall health as well.


Our experienced, talented, and friendly dental team is truly looking forward to meeting you, and eager to provide you and your family with the best dental care in the Twin Cities.  Our Dentists are sensitive to the needs of each patient and carefully assess each patient’s case to determine which methods of treatment will best suit your specific dental requirements. 

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Our creative and affordable dental savings plan allows you to save significantly on your dental care that you can appreciate.  We take most major dental insurance plans as well.  We at Brooklyn Boulevard Dental want you to have every option to make your dental care is low in stress, high in satisfaction.  

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of dental questions you may have about Brooklyn Blvd. Dental, services, dental care, costs and plenty of dental and denture related topics.

What are the things you should do to prepare for your dentist appointment?

Get a good night’s sleep.

Relax, and know you’ll be welcomed into a friendly atmosphere.  Any and all your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.  We want you to feel comfortable.

Avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks on the day of the appointment.

Avoid soft drinks and coffee as the tendency of sugar and caffeine to perk up one’s energy level can increase one’s anxiety levels too.

Brush your teeth and floss

Practicing good hygiene is essential, always. Including the day of your visit.  Please brush and floss before your appointment, especially after eating.

Come Prepared With Any Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask our dentists, or staff,, any questions you might have or concerns you are having.   

Why is visiting the dentist so important?

Visiting the dentist at regular intervals will help with your dental hygiene.  Dental hygiene is important because:

  • It helps prevent tooth decay.
  • It protects against periodontal or gum disease, which can lead to tooth decay and bone loss.
  • It helps in keeping the teeth to look bright by preventing them from becoming stained by food, drinks, and tobacco.
  • It strengthens your teeth so that you can enjoy a healthy & beautiful smile for the rest of your life.
  • It helps in preventing bad breath – brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist at a regular interval will help in reducing the amount of bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath.
  • Lastly, it also gives you a more attractive smile and increases your self-confidence.

What should I look for while choosing the right dentist for me?

Choosing the right dentist who can take care of you and your family is essential, and you may wish to consider many dentists before making your final decision. During your first visit, though, you should be able to determine whether the dentist is right for you or not. During your appointment, consider the following:

  • Is the appointment schedule convenient?
  • Is the office easily accessible?
  • Is the office clean and well-maintained?
  • Does the dentist, and dental staff explain techniques for maintaining good oral health?

How do I schedule my next checkup?

Call Brooklyn Boulevard dental today! Our staff will be happy to help schedule your next dental checkup at your convenience. If you are visiting us for the first time, please let us know, we’ll provide you with all the information you need for your first dental visit.

How often should I go to my dentist for a check-up?

It is strongly suggested to visit our dentists and hygienists every 6 months.

My teeth and gums feel fine. Do I still need to go see a dentist?

Your teeth may feel fine, but it’s still important for you to go see a dentist regularly as problems can exist without you knowing about them. Having a beautiful smile is essential, and your dentist can help keep your smile looking beautiful. With so many advances in dentistry, there are many options for everyone, if you’re smile is healthy, or not so healthy.

If I have braces, do I still need regular dental checkups every six months?

Yes! It’s even more important that patients with braces have regular checkups with their dentist. With braces, food can get caught in places that your toothbrush might not be able to reach. This can cause bacteria to build up and can lead to cavities, gum disease, and gingivitis. Your dentist will work closely with your orthodontist to ensure that your teeth stay clean and healthy throughout your braces wearing period.

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