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Scratch the advent calendar with the new 24 days in gold ticket!

Scratch the advent calendar with the new 24 days in gold ticket!

Oh oh oh! FDJ launches the end-of-year festivities with its traditional scratch card game dedicated to the Christmas universe. If last year, the Française des Jeux had bet on the Christmas ticket at the top, with a winter sports resort decor, this year it has chosen to make it more "classic" by rethinking its "24 days in gold" ticket, already appeared.

scratch card game

The principle remains the same with a scratch-off ticket, which invites the player to discover potential winnings under one of the 24 boxes of the scratch-off game, like an Advent calendar, as reported

Sold at the price of 3 euros, this new ticket adopts a new design, with the predominant colors of Christmas, like red and green. From our point of view, the rendering is a bit pale, and we would have surely liked a bit more fantasy from the FDJ. The ticket of 2019 was surely more successful, with its golden aspect, as we can see if we compare the 2 tickets side by side.

scratch card game

The jackpot to be won remains the same, namely a nice prize of 30 000€ all the same. Enough to spoil all your friends and family at Christmas... You will find all the additional information on this new Christmas scratch card, such as the probability of winning and the rules of the game, on the 24 days in gold page!


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