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The Best Home Remedies for Toothache

There are dozens of causes of a toothache. From cavities to injuries, regardless of the cause, you can experience debilitating pain in the teeth and jaw. Going to the dentist is an option but what if you cannot get an appointment for the next 24 hours? This is where you can try home remedies. Let’s look at a few of the best home remedies for a toothache:

Best Home Remedies for Toothache - Dentist | Brooklyn Blvd. Dental, MN
  • Apply clove oil on the tooth which is causing the pain. This is an ancient remedy and works wonders. Clove has numbing properties which dull or reduces the pain, even if temporarily. You will not have to spend your days and nights in discomfort.
  • If you can’t find clove oil, use actual cloves. Just bite down on the clove in the area where the ache is. The tooth may still ache for a while because you have to hold the clove in place but soon the clove will start taking effect and the pain will recede.
  • Drink a cup of peppermint tea and you get to enjoy a refreshing beverage as well as a cure for a toothache at the same time. Like cloves, peppermint tea can also numb the affected area and reduce the intensity of the pain.
  • Rinse your mouth with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This will help if the pain is caused by bacteria. If you notice a foul taste in addition to the pain, it is likely caused by an infection or some other dental ailment. Using 3% hydrogen peroxide should provide immediate relief.
  • Last, but not the least, perhaps the oldest trick in the book is rinsing with salt in warm water. Take some warm water and mix some table salt in. Gargle for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out.

Simple as they are, these remedies are highly effective at reducing toothache. Try them for yourself and you will see the results!

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